Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes/Strong is the New Skinny


2012 has lived up to it’s mythology – nope the world hasn’t ended – but it’s brought a lot of change to my life and I know to many others too. In February I resigned from a lecturing gig that in many ways I loved but that no longer served my highest ideals. I also decided to bow out of my monthly commitment to Nova Holistic magazine. Again something I derived some satisfaction from – it’s cool to be published in an actual hardcopy format on a regular basis – but that just didn’t feel right any longer. Leaving these two jobs has opened up space in my life for self care and creativity. I have more energy for my yoga practice when I know I can work from home rather than racing around town deranging my vata. My children are benefiting from my presence, especially when I am willing to spend chunks of time on homework and soccer training. I’ve had time for cuppas with the school mums and attending assemblies. This morning my eldest son sang ‘It’s not about the money’ with his classmates in a modern take on the story of Jesus throwing the traders out of the temple. So proud!

Here’s the link to my last Nova column ‘Strong is the New Skinny’

With my writing mojo unfettered, I’m setting my sights on guest blogging. Today I submitted a piece to elephant journal and I’ll be sending something to mindbodygreen soon too. I’ll keep you posted!



About wellatanysize

Yoga teacher, yoga student, naturopath, mama, lecturer, some time writer, now blogger, I am interested in all things wellness. Currently on summer break before my last semester of Master of Wellness at RMIT, I'm writing this blog to share my ideas about living well no matter what size you are. It's an expansion of the Healthy At Every Size concept to include the whole gamut of mind body wellness.

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