Word Nerd


This blog places emphasis on my genetics, the dastardly inheritance of an apple shaped body and it’s ensuing health risks. But there’s something else I must remember to thank my folks for – the love of words. Neither of my parents were especially highly educated, Mum went to business college after high school, Dad pursued sport and a series of odd jobs before settling on the farm. However both of them were besotted with language. They harped on about correct grammar, manners and spelling quite a bit but they also read aloud to me, encouraged my writing ambitions, and never scrimped on buying books. As a result my brother, sister and I are all pretty wordy. Nowadays I do my own correcting of my children’s language (though I don’t object to their colourful expletives in the way my parents did). I’ve also written a lot, some for publication, most sitting in dusty drawers waiting for some attention. One discipline I’m grateful for is my regular monthly column in Nova Holistic Magazine. While I struggle each month to fit my ideas into 1500 words and most months my family suffer my grumpy pre-menstrual mood at the same time, the articles themselves usually turn out okay. So if you want some summer holiday reading along the themes of yoga and holistic health, check out the last year of my wordy nerdy writing life.














About wellatanysize

Yoga teacher, yoga student, naturopath, mama, lecturer, some time writer, now blogger, I am interested in all things wellness. Currently on summer break before my last semester of Master of Wellness at RMIT, I'm writing this blog to share my ideas about living well no matter what size you are. It's an expansion of the Healthy At Every Size concept to include the whole gamut of mind body wellness.

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