How To Be Happy


This blog is a space to explore all the dimensions of wellness. For me personally I am committed to exercising, eating well and investing in positive relationships. However one stumbling block I keep stubbing my toe on is the issue of self-concept and body image. As a yoga teacher I see the beauty in my students efforts no matter what their external form. As a therapist I am interested in people’s internal lives. Yet everytime a client cancels or does a ‘no show’ on me or the turn out at yoga is smaller than expected, I take it as a personal affront and my thoughts run to self-criticism, specifically ‘I’m too fat’. In the majority of my life and thoughts I am positive, focused and constructive but living large (and the fact is I am overweight) and working to enhance the wellbeing of others might just be a little contradictory. When I turn on myself I ponder why anyone would take my advice about healthy living, I condemn myself as a failure as a teacher and when the chips are really down, as a human being. So what to do? Should I quit lecturing, consulting and teaching yoga until I drop 20kgs? Should I give up on my yogic lifestyle and take up binge eating cos’ what the hell, I’m fat anyway? I simply don’t accept either of those options. Instead I believe I can be an advocate for making the most of what you’ve got, enjoying moving your body whatever the size or shape and feeding that body with nutritious, nurturing food like you love it because it’s yours for this lifetime. And how about finding meaning and purpose in your life, loving wholeheartedly, being vulnerable, creative and adventurous?


About wellatanysize

Yoga teacher, yoga student, naturopath, mama, lecturer, some time writer, now blogger, I am interested in all things wellness. Currently on summer break before my last semester of Master of Wellness at RMIT, I'm writing this blog to share my ideas about living well no matter what size you are. It's an expansion of the Healthy At Every Size concept to include the whole gamut of mind body wellness.

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  1. It’s so interesting, the difference between the way we perceive ourselves and the way others do. As someone who happens to know you IRL, I was busily admiring the prettiness of your blogsite, and thinking about the honesty of your expression until my eyes came across your words “(and the fact is I’m overweight)”. Those simple words sparked confusion in me, my heart rate went up slightly, my mind became unfocused. Those words are simply not true to me. If I’ve ever thought about your physical body, it’s been with admiration that it is proportionate and curved, so perfectly feminine and goddesslike. You naturally have a balance and strength that I find beautiful. Your incredible body that has expanded with fertility, birthed and nourished two people, your body that is so much more than a number on a BMI chart on the GP’s wall.
    I suspect that your clients sometimes cancel because they spent too much on the groceries that week, or because their schedules changed and they couldn’t make that class anymore, or perhaps, because they started feeling so wonderful and healthy after seeing you, that they didn’t need their next appointment. Rather than because of a misconception you tell yourself.

    What wonders would be possible, if you felt the same respect and admiration for your physical vehicle as I do?

  2. Thanks Bri,
    I really appreciate your perspective. We are fortunate to have experienced pregnancy, birth and motherhood and of course the body shows the wisdom that comes from those amazing experiences. As a feminist and friend of many well women, I agree, we are all so much more than our physical stats. However it has taken a lot of courage for me to actually acknowledge to myself that I do have excess body fat and to admit how often that impacts my thought process, whether accurately or not. I feel very fortunate to be able to share and be vulnerable here and have wonderful thoughtful readers like you, thank you. xx

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